The WTSUG meeting on Wednesday, August 31, 2005 was held from 7:00pm to 10:00pm at Potomac Libary of Montgomery County, 10101 Glenolden Drive, Potomac, MD 20854.


Kevin F. will give a comprehensive presentation on indicators. Time permitting, Kevin will discuss the following: ModHA (paint bar study from the forums that uses Heikin Ashki), TSID (simple hybrid of TSI that is faster with a predictive quality to it, AD Line/AD Ratio (combined by Kevin for day trading), Jan Arps Universal Swing Tool, Use of $TICK, $TRIN & $VXO.X for day trading @ES & @ER2, and Levels (using the previous day HLC, current day H/L/MidRange, and Floor Trader Pivots). Any topics not discussed will be re-scheduled for a future meeting. Time permitting, George M. will present his favorite reversal pattern. Also, if we can obtain a connection to the internet, Steve J. (Progster) may give a presentation on a new product he has developed that allows traders to enter the market manually in Tradestation, and then exit automatically using a strategy. Details about the product may be found here: .