WTSUG – Washington DC TradeStation Users Group

Technical and system traders in the capitol region


The Washington DC TradeStation Users Group (WTSUG) is a non-profit, non-commercial group for traders and those interested in trading which meets monthly in the Washington DC area. Attendees come from Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia, with some traveling from as far as Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and North Carolina. The group attracts a diverse mix of full-time and part-time traders, developers and trading professionals.

The group was formed by several local TradeStation Trading Platform users in 1995 to provide local networking and learning opportunities. Current attendees are about 50% TradeStation users and 50% users of other retail trading platforms. The role of TradeStation in the group has been the subject of significant discussion over time.

WTSUG is committed to providing value for those with years of experience in the markets, but welcomes first-time attendees and those new to TradeStation or to trading.

Meetings are scheduled monthly, and are held at Montgomery County, Maryland public libraries. Most meetings are currently scheduled at the Potomac community library (but check the schedule for latest listings), which is in a Maryland suburb just northwest of Washington DC.

Paid membership is between 50 and 100 each year. Attendance at individual meetings varies significantly with the season, as well as weather and traffic conditions, but is usually between 15 and 25 (with larger meetings drawing 40 to 50 members). Annual membership dues for WTSUG are $20 and go solely to pay for the group’s meeting-related expenses.

Meetings typically consist of a presentation from a group member or outside guest speaker on a topic of interest, followed by substantial time for group discussion. Meetings begin at 7:00pm, and typically run between 2.5 and 3.5 hours in length.

WTSUG strives to keep a broad mix of content to best serve the needs of its membership, and for the past three years each January the group has conducted an annual survey of its member to gauge interests for future meeting topics. The results are remarkably consistent – the surveys show that a typical WTSUG attendee is interested in being more systematic in trading approaches – even if not yet fully systematized – and is most interested in ideas that can be tested and potentially automated. A majority of WTSUG traders trade e-mini futures intraday, although traders in all instrument classes and timeframes are represented regularly.

The Washington DC TradeStation Users Group (WTSUG) is an affiliated special interest group of Society of Market Technicians, a larger group with perhaps a longer time frame / more investment-oriented focus which also meets in suburban Maryland near Washington DC.