WTSUG – Washington DC TradeStation Users Group

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re: Society of Market Technicians

The Society of Market Technicians is the non-profit, affiliated parent organization of the Washington DC TradeStation Users Group (WTSUG). WTSUG is one of several focus or special interest groups which are a part of SMT.

Both groups meet monthly – WTSUG meets at Montgomery Maryland county public libraries, once a month at 7:00pm, usually on Wednesdays, while the parent SMT organization meets on the first Thursday of each month at 7:30pm at Ring House.

The Ring House hosts monthly meetings of SMT.

Ring House hosts monthly meetings of SMT.

The SMT parent organization has perhaps a more technical analysis based, investment-oriented or swing trading focus, although it’s a quite large, diverse group; in comparison, a typical WTSUG attendee has a short-term intraday trading or swing trading focus. It is not uncommon for some members to regularly attend both groups. The groups keep track of separate annual membership dues, but both are quite modest ($20 for WTSUG and $40 for SMT annually) and go solely to pay the groups’ expenses such as for meeting space.