WTSUG – Washington DC TradeStation Users Group

Technical and system traders in the capitol region

re: TradeStation

The Washington DC TradeStation Users Group (WTSUG) first started having regular meetings in 1995-1996.

The group itself is not affiliated with TradeStation Group (or its subsidiaries), which is a prominent vendor of trading platform software as well market data and brokerage services. TradeStation is one of the most common retail trading platforms because it provides EasyLanguage, an in-built programming language which makes it relatively easy to rapidly prototype technical analysis and system trading ideas even for traders with no previous programming experience.
TradeStation makes it easy to prototype strategies with EasyLanguage.

TradeStation does not provide direct financial support or sponsorship to the group itself, but on the TradeStation support forums (accessible to paid TradeStation pltform subscribers) there is a forum thread about WTSUG, which lists the group’s upcoming meetings and other announcements.

Over the past several years, attendance at the WTSUG group has consisted roughly 50% of traders who principally use the TradeStation platform and 50% who principally use other software. Why do so many non-TradeStation users attend WTSUG regularly – a group with TradeStation in its name? It is because the concepts discussed are often topics of interest to the traders/members and TradeStation makes a great common point of reference (many people have used TradeStation in the past – even if they don’t use it currently – so it’s easy to relate to in discussions of trading ideas and concepts that could probably be implemented in many platforms). And, a big reason many long-time members attend regularly is to meet up with long-time friends and fellow traders in person, to discuss recent events and issues, and to learn from the very significant experience and expertise represented among the group’s diverse membership.