The WTSUG on Monday, August 17, 2009 was held from 7:00pm to 10:00pm at Potomac Library of Montgomery County, 10101 Glenolden Drive, Potomac, MD 20854.


7:00pm – 7:15pm          Introductions and Opening
The group will give brief introductions to the group for any new attendees. Time will be made available for dealing with membership dues and any other minor administration items, but not to exceed 15 minutes in total.

7:15pm –                         Easy E-mini Trade
Guest / remote presenter: Trisha Ogilvie w/

Trisha will present on how she uses a couple of high probability setups to trade the ES intraday, using 3 charts with a limited number of indicators for confirmation before entry.

From her website

The key to being  a successful trader is to have a solid trading plan and a set up that you are confident in taking knowing you have high odds of it being successful and that you can repeat over and over again.

How to make money trading the S&P 500 online. 2 easy ES set ups for day trading the eminis.  How to use 3 charts with indicators for confirmation of taking the entry giving you the confidence to make the trade and improve your profits.  We only ever risk a 2 pt. stop and we move our stops quickly to capture gains.

In my years of trading I have spent thousands of dollars on services, programs and systems that never delivered or did what they promised they would.  I know you have too.  You start to feel like something is wrong with you and that everyone is making money except you.  You are not alone.  I am making no guarantees but here are 2 set ups that can make you money in an up, down or sideways market.