The WTSUG meeting on Wednesday, October 21, 2009 was held from 7:00pm to 10:00pm at Potomac Library of Montgomery County, 10101 Glenolden Drive, Potomac, MD 20854.


7:00pm – 7:15pm         
Introductions and Opening

The group will give brief introductions to the group for any new attendees. Time will be made available for dealing with membership dues and any other minor administration items, but not to exceed 15 minutes in total.

7:15pm –                        

Guest Speaker: World Cup Advisor John Holsinger

After his first four years of trading, after purchasing “every mechanical system out there,” after countless frustrations, John Holsinger had simply had enough.

“I decided to take six months off to analyze what I had been doing, and I realized at the end of that examination that I was at fault, not the systems,” says Holsinger. “I hadn’t stayed sufficiently committed to any one of them. I laid out the trade-by-trade data for 15 systems on spreadsheets and bundled four or five systems together. I got a $40,000 stake together to try again.”

The market quickly confronted Holsinger with the same challenge that had thwarted him so many times previously. “I started on a Monday and by Friday I was in a draw down with three losing trades,” he recalls. “And I was holding another losing trade over the weekend.”

But his newfound commitment enabled him to stay with the position, and it quickly turned around. “Within three years I ran that $40,000 to a million bucks,” says John, a CPA who became intrigued by the potential of futures trading in 1992. “You have to plan the trade and trade the plan. If you can stay out of the way of your own work, you’ll be fine.”

After trading systems developed by others, Holsinger began collaborating with the late Mike Dietch, whose sketches of S&P daytrading concepts had consistently been showcased in Futures Truth magazine. Acquaintances since 1993, John and Mike teamed up and refined several models designed to trade this volatile market.

Utilizing a combination of systems, Holsinger won the 2002 World Cup Championship of Futures Trading with a 608%* return. Remarkably, he and Dietch captured second place with Hodi LLC partnership account that appreciated 304%*. Both accounts day-traded the S&P, as does John’s Live Update account.

The hard knocks Holsinger endured have paid dividends. “I’ve been through ups and downs, but I’m in it for the long-term and I know I’m always going to come back,” he says. Spoken like a true survivor.